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    The info you should know as a starter:
    /rtp takes you to a random area in the map
    -You can use /back
    You have 3 /sethomes
    You can do /kit member every 24 hours
    - You can do /kit claim for claim shovel and a guide book. (note: 10x10 is the smallest area you can claim)
    - You can rank yourself with /rankup and /ranks show you the price of the ranks.
    - If you don't feel like going to spawn to open crates you can do /crates
    You can use /shop to sell and buy items
    - In /ah you and other players can sell and buy items like armors, tools, and enchantment books
    - You can use /ce to get custom enchants you can buy them with exp only
    - /warp danger takes you to a dungeon (WARNING!: The dungeon is very hard so you should not go alone or without any good armor or potions)
    - You can use silk touch picks to break spawners

    Useful tips:
    - remember to read the rules ;)
    - Melons, pumpkins, and sugarcane are some of the good money makers for the start.
    - You can always ask other players or staff if you have any questions
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